Car Town Blue Points

With Car Town Cie Games made a great quality online social game! In Car Town online car fun games are taken to a whole new level of exitement!

More than 7 millions of people play it already and collect points and coins to customize their cars and also build up the garage they need to pimp all cars and items. Start to race against your enemies or friends and try to prove that you are the best driver around!

In CarTown, the popular facebook game you can obtain blue points to enhance your garage and cars. If you search the web you find a few ways to get these points. Some website offer a exchange for cartown points. You can order these at facebook too.

This amazing little game lets you modify and pimp your hot speedy cars and your garage in exchange of car town blue points. Win races to build up a large collection of cars … start your car imperium!

You can get items and cars which could be purchased with the ingame currency, which are called Creadits or Blue Points.

This ones can be earned by completing different quests, by taking challenges or just by being a good driver. The games premium content also is available for purchase in online shops if you do not want to spend that much time at the game until you get your car town gifts.

If you do not want to pay for them you can try to earn points on offer sites which will take a while … the easiest way of all is to use tools to increase your blue points and car town coins.

For free blue points and coins try out the updated Car Town Hack Tool that one is able to generate any wished amount of coins and points! The generated blue points get added to your account immediatly after you pressed the button, you can check inside your account for the changes after a few seconds. The app is very easy and tested on february 2013, you don’t even have to enter your user data, it gets recogniced automatically and kept secure.